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The Sharing Circle
IFIP’s annual report on projects and collaborations.

The Sharing Circle – 2014 (pdf)

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The Sharing Circle – Spring/Summer 2006 (pdf)

The Sharing Circle – Fall/Winter 2005 (pdf)

The Sharing Circle – Spring/Summer 2005 (pdf)

The Sharing Circle – Fall/Winter 2004 (pdf)

The Sharing Network
IFIP’s enewsletter with listings of current events and opportunities to make connections.

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Press Releases

IFIP organized first ever session focused on Indigenous Philanthropy at WINGS Forum in Bangkok.

IFIP 9th Annual Conference Report (2010)

IFIP ’06 Conference:
– Keynote speech of Phrang Roy, Assistant President on Special Assignment for Indigenous and Tribal Issues of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

– Phrang Roy’s speech at the IFIP Side Event at the United Nations Permanent Forum.

Linking Circles VI Annual Conference
IFIP successfully convened and celebrated its Sixth Annual Conference at Levi Strauss Foundation in San Francisco.

View pictures from the ConferenceVideo Clip

National Funders Conference focuses on Indigenous Issues.

Indigenous Leaders Converge at the UN to Discuss Funding Challenges
Recommendations Will Improve Access to Funding Opportunities.

Philanthropic community responds to the importance of Indigenous issues
International Funders for Indigenous Peoples’ Linking Circles IV held it’s fourth annual meeting, “Transforming the Landscape of International Grantmaking for Indigenous Peoples” in New York City on May 19 and 20, 2005. The event coincided with the Annual United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples.

Ford Foundation President Receives Inaugural Award Susan Berresford Recognized For Increasing Support To Indigenous Communities

FREDERICKSBURG, VA- On April 9th, Ford Foundation President Susan Berresford became the very first recipient of the International Funders for Indigenous Peoples Award for her leadership in increasing philanthropic support for international Indigenous development projects and communities.

“I am proud to have been at the Ford Foundation for over three decades in which several generations of staff and leadership all enthusiastically supported the voice and action of Indigenous Peoples around the world,” said Berresford.

To Read more about the IFIP Award “TRANSITION” and the artist click here for pdf

IFIP Recognizes the Swift Foundation for Pioneering Work With Traditional Cultures  Press Release (MS Word doc)




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