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2014 IFIP Summit Dinner Performances

IBEX Talk. Heather Henson, HBH Fund
IBEX Cloud Performance
Tibetan Dance
Closing Group Dance

Session with IFIP Board Members:

Getting to Know IFIP. Evelyn Arce Executive Director, International Funders for Indigenous Peoples

Interview with Funders

Interview Josh Mailman. President of Mailman Foundation and IFIP Board Member

Interview Steve Cornelius. Program Officer, Conservation and Sustainable Development of The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and IFIP Board Member

Interview Jeff Campbell. Director of Grantmaking for The Christensen Fund

Keynote Speakers

Jennifer Koinante. Vice President of Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee in Kenya

Tom Porter. Spokesman and Chief Spiritual Leader of the Mohawk Community of Kanatsiohareke in Fonda, New York

Indigenous Peoples Speak on Projects

Maxine Anjiga. Executive Director of the Papua New Guinea Centre for Locally Managed Areas

Ivan Torafing. Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network, Cordillera, Philipines

Joyce Omenai. Ethnic Minorities and Indigenous Rights Organization of Africa

Alejandro Argumedo. Speaks on political protests against GMOs in Peru

Panels from 2012 IFIP Conference

Panel. Elle Ellecho Essa, Shagire Shano Sale, and Wondimu Utto Tanga, of Ethiopia, and Alejandro Argumeda of Peru

Panel. Using Shareowner Power to Promote and Defend the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Panel. Indigenous Local Governance and Climate Change In The Columbian and Mexico

Panel. Indigenous Approaches To Natural Resource Conservation And Territorial Protection

Panel. Implementing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Panel. Traditional Native Philanthropy and Tribal Government Philanthropy

Panel. Community Dialogue on UNDRIP

Philanthropists and Indigenous Leaders Talk Solutions to World’s Pressing Issues.

Cultural Survival covers IFIP’s 10th Annual Conference – VIDEO

The Challenges of Implementing FPIC: The Case of Belize. (webinar) – VIDEO

 Suzanne Benally ED of Cultural Survival speaks about IFIP’s Impact – VIDEO

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